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I am excited to announce that GOOD MOURNING, LLC, a local grief support group, will be launching soon. This group will provide a safe space for individuals who have experienced loss to come together and support each other through their journey of grief. 


It can be challenging to navigate the emotions and feelings that come with loss, but this support group aims to create a community where individuals can find comfort, understanding, and healing in one another's company.


Keep an eye out for more information about the launch date and how you can get involved in this much-needed resource for our community.

Coming Soon

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Remembering Keegan:
The Heart of Good Mourning

Good Mourning was founded by Katoya Chester after the loss of her son, Keegan Malik Finley. Through her experiences with multiple types of loss and grief, Katoya realized the lack of support and resources available for those grieving.


Good Mourning is dedicated to Keegan's memory and provides compassionate care and support to anyone who is grieving. Please visit the memorial page that is space for the community to honor Keegan's life.

Visit the Memorial Page 

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Louisville, Kentucky

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